Gatherings of the HS5

2020 many Zoom meetings due to covid-19
2019 The Barn in Porter, IN
2018 Williams Bay, WI on Lake Geneva
2017 Green Lake, Wisconsin
2016 Carol's in Indianapolis
2015 Val's in Portland and Bend, OR
2014 50th HS Reunion in Illinois
2013 Jill's cabin in Annandale
2012 Kathy's cabin in Hayward, Wisconsin
2011 Arline's house in CT
2010 Kathy's house in Elburn
2009 Jill's house in Annandale
2008 Carol's house in Indiana and Brown County, IN
2007 Jill's house in Annandale and Kathy's cabin near Hayward, WI
2006 Val's in Portland, Oregon
2005 Jill's house in Annandale
2004 40th Reunion at Indian Lakes Resort in Bloomingdale, Illinois,
and at Kathy's in Elburn
2003 Arline's timeshare in Disney World
2002 Carol's house in Carmel, Indiana
2001 Arline's in Southport, Connecticut
2000 Val's in Portland, Oregon
1999 Kathy's in Elburn
1998 Kathy's in Elburn
1997 Triathlon in Annandale
1996 Carol's in Door County, Wisconsin
1995 Arline's lake house in Carmel, NY
1994 Val's in Oregon &
Carol's mom's (in Des Plaines) at Thanksgiving before 30th reunion
1993 Arline's apartment in NYC
1992 Jill's cabin in Annandale
1991 didn't meet
1990 Jill's cabin in Annandale
1989 Kathy's in Elburn; 25th reunion
1988 didn't meet
1987 didn't meet
1986 hotel in Des Plaines
1985 didn't meet
1984 20th reunion

The HS5 (+2) at Jill's wedding in 1967

Kathy, Arline, Jill, Diane, Val
Karen, Carol