• Cody Skarning (college friend and Minneapolis former housemate)
  • Jim Miller (high school friend)
  • Pete Edmondson (high school friend)
  • Pat Hill (high school friend)
  • JT Haines (Minneapolis friend and former housemate)

Cody Ė My first weekend after classes started Grinnell College I barely knew anyone and I had been soaked in water (freshman orientation - long story). On my way back to my dorm I ran into Cody.  He asked me how I got soaked, and after I explained it to him he said, ďIím wearing two T-shirts, take mine.Ē  He literally gave me the shirt off his back.  Typical.  Cody and I played basketball at Grinnell College together and after graduation Cody and I spent a ton of time together for several years and eventually lived together in Uptown until May of 2005. 

 Jim and I grew up together in Annandale .  Weíve spent countless, countless hours together doing or talking about any number of activities from fishing to basketball, football (real and fantasy), golf, softball and on and on.   I really donít know how to explain our relationship but he and I seem to be like a moth to a flame, but I donít know who the flame is.  Jim is a jeweler in Annandale and provided our engagement and wedding rings.  Jimís wife, Amy, is Joelleís personal attendant, as Joelle was Amyís, and Jefferson was one of Jimís groomsmen. 

8th Grade Basketball

9th Grade Basketball

AHS Varsity Basketball Team

Pat is one of my oldest friends.  A few of the pictures youíve seen or will see show just how long weíve known each other.   While Pat and I have done a lot of activities Jim and I do, Pat and I donít agree on a lot of things (when trying to decide if I would live in Uptown I think his comment was ďIíd hate it, but it might be okay for YOU.Ē  I still donít know what he meant by that).  Over more than twenty years Iíve come to realize that he has one of the best hearts and is one of the most loyal people Iíve ever met. 

Jefferson and Patrick, age 3




Pete and I did most of the activities that Jim, Pat and I did, just not as long because Pete moved to Annandale in 11th grade.  He made up for the lost time by making stories and memories quickly through his antics.  Peteís all grown up now and mature with a wife and two kids but he remains one of the most fun people Iíve ever met.

Jefferson & Pete as Jesters in the AHS Madrigal

JT Ė JT and I met through mutual friends but I think we immediately took a liking to each other somehow.  Heís one of the most intelligent people I know, and oddly, one of the silliest.  A combination I really enjoy.  We lived together for almost 2 years in Uptown, and I got to play a bit role in the most recent feature length film JT wrote and directed.