• Jeanette Purcell (sister of the bride)
  • Ann Barrett (friend from childhood and college)
  • Katie Clemme (college friend)
  • Alex Peterson (college friend)
  • Angie Bangston (college friend)

Personal Attendant 

  • Amy Miller (high school friend)


  • Elisa Mol (Joelle's childhood friend)

Photo Guest Book

  • Kelly Stueven 
  • Alison Zylstra

Jeanette F. Purcell

The joy of having a sister is often difficult to describe. Jeanette and I have many things in common, yet we are so opposite in other ways. It is in our differences that we have become a strength for the other. I may be her big sister, but I find myself looking up to her over and over again these days. She puts her heart into everything she does and cares so much about those she loves. “Squirt” is a strong and bold woman. Over the years, Jeanette has had to find ways to make her voice heard in the midst of our large family. She speaks her mind often and does not hesitate to question my actions in order to hold me accountable for my example. She is audacious, beautiful and gifted…I am truly honored to be her sister.

Ann Barrett

“No, Annie Barrett.” Ann is a friend with whom I share many layers. From childhood, there has always been honesty and authenticity rooted deep within her. She speaks what she thinks and lives what she believes to be truth. Ann and I have shared many tears and laughs while going through life’s growing pains. She is a friend I plan on sharing conversations with while sitting across from each other in our wheelchairs. I will miss not living with her…I will miss her wardrobe, her great cooking and our layered conversations. Ann keeps me striving for intelligence and opens my eyes to God’s beauty all around.

Katie E. Clemme

Katie and I have shared one adventure after another. The fun began when we first roomed together our first year of college. We have gone on an unforgettable road trip to the South, traveled to Norway, studied abroad, completed the same major, and crossed the finish line of a marathon together. On top of all that, we spent eight months engaged at the same time. It seems that all we have left are kids and nursing homes. Through everything, Katie has been my friend of truth, willing to call me out on my selfishness and stubborn nature. She has made me understand the true joys of having girl friends and reminds me where my true source of strength lies.

Alex Peterson

Our small town roots gave us a quick bond. However, it was Alex’s ability to be laid-back, upbeat and outgoing that initiated our friendship. One of the very first times we hung out, he saw me run directly into a glass window and fall straight on my back. We have shared many laughs since then and I look forward to many more. Alex and I share a common interest in service and a common interest in people…and their stories. He encourages me, through example, to continue to embrace those who have a different walk from my own. He so often is talking with strangers and trying something new simply because he can. Alex is one of those types of people that you hope everyone you know gets to encounter.

 Angela Bengtson

Angie and I have a friendship grounded in shared views about life, about God, and about love. We also share viewpoints about social justice and about the need to empower others.  Needless to say, Angie and I have shared numerous deep conversations. At the same time, we have a great time letting loose and embracing a night out. She often helps me keep a balance in life.

Joelle, Katie, and Angie


Joelle's Personal Attendant, Amy Miller

It was ultimately through a car accident that a friendship was sealed for Amy and me. It is amazing how quickly I felt connected to her. She and I developed a friendship based in sharing our passions with each other. We continue to find things we have in common and thoroughly enjoy hearing of the happenings that make each of us smile. I relax in our friendship because we so easily pick up where we left off. Amy and I share interests in athletics and the arts for which is a rare combination of interests in my experience. She is a gifted and talented woman who encourages me to pursue my passions simply by living out her own. I look forward to the many adventures to come for our friendship.

Reader, Elisa Mol 

We have been friends since I can remember. Our friendship has been one of accountability for me. She has high standards of integrity and is a strong willed woman who speaks truth and honesty to me consistently.  Elisa and I share a common value in family and faith. She reminds me to be proud of my roots and use what I have learned along life’s journey. She is a friend I will treasure for long term.

Kelly Stueven and Alison Zylstra

I know few people who I have had more history with than these two extraordinary women. “Chuck” and “Bob,” as I have called them, have been there through the ups and downs of growing up. They are easy-going, accepting and excellent listeners. It doesn’t get much better than that in friendship. Alison, Kelly and I shared many things growing up…including our families. Alison and Kelly adopted my parents as I did theirs. We always knew that there was a home away from home, if we needed or wanted it. Alison’s constant pursuit for excellence in her life is a challenge and an encouragement for my own. Kelly has a quality of loyalty that is incomparable and humbling. These ladies stand-out as not only my good friends but exceptional people.