The Grandmas


Aminata Daff

There are two older women in the Daff compound in their 60s, both widows of Daff brothers and real sisters to each other too. Shannon's favorite is Aminata, a person of considerable kindness and wisdom.  She usually had quite a twinkle in her eyes. 

A Senegalese person's mother's sisters are considered to also be her mother, so Shannon has two mothers in Africa, Aminata and Kuna.

Kuna Daff

Kuna is Shannon's designated birth mother, so Shannon eats her meals with Kuna's daughter, two granddaughters, and the wives of her two sons.  Women and men eat separately in the village. 

Kuna's deceased husband served as Village Chief for 60 years, and her son, Alpha Daff, is the current Chief.  Alpha was elected to his position, it wasn't handed down.



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