Shannon does laundry by hand.  Since she has to pull her own water from a well, she often goes to a fellow PC Volunteer's place because he has a faucet.  At Derek's place in Matam she fills three buckets with water, one wash and two rinse.  She either uses Fab laundry soap or the bar of peanut soap that you can see in the photo on the green tub on the left.  The peanut soap really is effective, especially on stains.

There's a special way to rub the clothes to get them clean.  When done properly it makes a distinctive squishing sound and the soap suds fly quite a distance.  The Senegalese say that you can't get the clothes clean unless you make that sound, and it isn't easy to do.  Shannon has a tough time getting the sound, but even eight year old little girls can do it quite well.  

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