Holiday Newsletters

December, 1987

Another year has flown by, and as I address envelopes to send you our greetings, I ponder on how to share with you the most efficient, least boring presentation of our interests and activities this past year.  Since I've always liked lists and charts (does that somehow explain my affinity to the computer?), take a look at this approach:

Racquetball Piano Lessons Dance Lessons Cub Scouts
Golf Stud. Council Animals Baseball Cards
Sailing French Lessons T-Ball
Softball Computer/Lotus Band-Drums Coin collecting

Sara's move up to the Jr. Hi. has been a big change for her but she has adapted to the big time quite well so far.  She manages to pack here schedule tighter than anyone else could tolerate and seems to thrive on that pace. 

Shannon's senior status at the elementary seems to suit her quite well too.  She hasn't outgrown her love of animals yet.  This year's addition, Farley the Ferret, now 8 mos. old, smells less since being descented and rarely bites anymore.   We all just love her.

Jefferson is having a good year in 2nd grade with his  mother's friend and his friend's mother as his teacher.  He keeps busy with widely varied interests, structured and otherwise, and just being his normal high-spirited self.

John finally completed a major project in 1987 after 2 1/2 years of effort to bring Cable TV to Annandale.  Now our household and several hundred others in Annandale can appreciate the upgraded quality of TV viewing.  Another notch on John's holster was to take the trip of his dreams.  Our family along with college friends from Wisconsin and their 13-year-old son spent a week in the BVI on a 51' sailboat last July.  We ALL loved it!

The biggest change in our family (perhaps it's just my point of view) is my new job status -- none.  I resigned from my job of 12 years to have more time at home, and so far it's been a very good move.  Besides my overall sweeter disposition with less stress, we now occasionally have meals that take longer that 10 minutes to throw together, and I have time and energy for a number of projects and interests that I've had to put on the shelf for a long time.  The storage areas aren't all ship-shape yet, nor are the picture albums caught up, by maybe in '88.  At least I can consider them now!

How come I can't seem to make this thing any shorter even with  my swell chart?  I must have too much time and energy on my hands.

We wish you the very best in 1988.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Love, The Bishops

John, Jill,
Sara, Shannon, and Jefferson
       (11)                (8)