Holiday Newsletters

January, 1989

Happy New Year!  Christmas, 1988, got by me without getting cards out, but I certainly want to send you some greetings anyway.  Otherwise you might wipe me off your list, and I LOVE hearing from YOU at holiday time!

The kids are all doing just fine in school.  Both girls played volleyball in the fall, and now Sara plays basketball and Shannon is a gymnast.  Jefferson isn't into structured school sports yet in 3rd grade, but he is enjoying ski club (downhill) and goes to shoot baskets with his dad when John plays scrimmage basketball with some friends.  The men often play young guys vs. old guys, and John is the oldest of the young guys.  What a group, eh?!  I've been playing racquetball in a league and doing some cross-country skiing at nearby state parks.  We're a sporty group!  I also took an accounting course in the fall and plan to continue it during winter and spring quarters.  It was challenging and interesting and it felt good to use that part of my brain again.

We're back in the animal business -- one dog just doesn't seem to be enough.  Shannon has an aquarium in her bedroom now, and the foundling kitten that she bottle fed from age two weeks has become a permanent resident.  She bought Jefferson gerbils for his birthday, but the cat ate one (or released it into the house -- we're not sure) so it had to be replaced.  But ALL of those are better than that smelly ferret by far!

The many activities of a busy family keep us going at quite a pace, but we still manage to have some fun with friends and family too.  And that's what it's all about, isn't it?

We wish you the best of everything in 1989!

With Love,

The Bishops

John, Jill,
Sara, Shannon, and Jefferson
       (13)                (9)