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Holiday Greeting 2000
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February, 2001

Did you think that a holiday season could go by without a greeting from the Bishops? Certainly not!

There is a legitimate excuse for this late greeting, however. On Christmas day we were all in Africa in Shannons village, so instead of a Merry Christmas we wish you Happy New Year and Happy Valentines Day.

We didnt take a sailing trip in 2000, but we traveled just the same. John made his usual trips to Las Vegas, and I went to Oregon for a gathering of old high school friends which is becoming a precious tradition. A week in Florida with my mother was another trip that I wouldnt mind becoming a habit. John and I spent time separately at our friends Arizona home, and together we did a paddleboat cruise on the Mississippi River, just the two of us. The biggest trip, of course, was our time in Africa with Shannon. I was there for seven weeks in November and December, most of the time in her mud hut in the village, and the rest of the family joined us for Christmas. It was an experience of a lifetime for all of us. Thank you, Shannon.

During the summer while Shannon endured the 130 heat in Africa, Sara interned with ADC Corporation in Chaska, and Jefferson worked for a landscaper by day and hosted at a local restaurant on weekend evenings. In July my mother, brother, sister, and nieces flew in from around the country for a summer gathering of the Williams family in Annandale.

Sara is currently in her last semester at the Carlson School of Management, due to receive her MBA in May of 2001. In November she chaired the national GWIB Conference, a two-day event in Minneapolis for Graduate Women in Business.

Shannons biggest project as a rural health volunteer in Senegal so far has been an AIDS Education Mural Project, and she is working on malaria prevention training. Living in the mud hut without electricity or running water no longer presents much of a problem, but mastering the Puular language has been a real challenge. One year to go.

Jefferson is in his third year at Grinnell College, majoring in economics. He had a good football season last year as a starting linebacker, and he is currently looking for a summer internship. Does anyone have any leads for him?

Johns business is expanding so much that they put a large addition on the Annandale office. Retirement calls to him, but it isnt likely to happen in the near future. Im still teaching beginning computer classes, playing clarinet, and maintaining Annandale Online, the community website. 2000 was an unusual year in that all of the Bishops started and ended the year in the same place Sara and Jefferson in school, Shannon in Africa, and the old folks in the same house for the 29th year.

This late holiday greeting isnt intended to be a new tradition, but you never know. Each year we receive more newletters in January, though admittedly not too many in February. This letter is supposed to give you highlights of year 2000, but I cant omit the two big events that took place in January of 2001. Sara became engaged and we got a dog! These two events are certainly NOT of equal importance, but we are very excited about both new additions to the family.

We wish you all the best for the remainder of 2001.

The Bishops
John, Jill, Sara, Shannon, and Jefferson