Annandale Women Kayak Trips





5th Trip - 9.4.19 Sauk R, Rockville to Anton's in St. Cloud Laurel, Patti, Jan, Margi, Barb, Jill = 6 Glorious 3 hour trip, lunch at Anton's
4th Trip - 8.21.19 Mississippi River, Clearwater to Snuffy's Laurel, Patti, Margi, Julia, Jill = 5 Delightful to have granddaughter Julia along.
3rd Trip - 7.21.19 Nelsons on Lk Sylvia to Bishop cabin Laurel, Patti, Lynn, Diane, Kathy G, Margi, Robbi, Jill = 8 Our Rose Mary Memorial trip, yellow shirts hats leis and roses.
2nd Trip - 6.13.19 Otter Lake Laurel, Harper, Patti, Lily, Margi, Barb, Jill Fun having the 2 granddaughters along as we head up Three Mile Creek.
1st Trip - 6.5.19 Clearwater R.: Caroline-channel-Augusta Laurel, Patti, Jan, Margi, Jill = 5 Gorgeous day, lots of loons, a great start to our 16th year of kayak trips.





7th Trip - 8.21.18 Lake Sylvia Laurel, Patti, Barb, Lynn, Robbie, Jill = 6 Rose Mary's house to new Sunset Pt cabin
6th Trip - 8.14.19 Clearwater Lake Margi, Barb, Jill = 3 Turtle Bay access, all around Bungalow I.
5th Trip - 8.7.18 Mississippi River Laurel, Barb, Margi, Robbie, Jill = 5 Clearwater to Snuffy's on very smooth water.
4th Trip - 7.24.18 Pleasant Lake Delores & Jill = 2 Lovely saunter around the lake until the wind picked up considerably.
3rd Trip - 7.14.18 Clearwater Lake Laurel, Char, Kathy G, Margi, Jan, Robbie, Jill = 7 From Jill's cabin to Truman's Point & Glendale Bay. Lunch after at Up the Creek in Silver Creek.
2nd Trip - 7.10.18 Otter Lk, up Three-mile Creek Laurel, Jan, Jill = 3 Over a few logs until one was too much. Found a leech, or it found us.
1st Trip - 6.26.18 Clearwater R.: Caroline-channel-Augusta Laurel, Patti, Barb I, Margi, Robbie, Jill = 6 The Hundredth Kayak Trip! Cloudy but nice, stopped at Stumpf's new place on Augusta and Laurel's cabin afterward.





9th Trip - 9.7.17 Lake Sylvia Rose Mary, Lynn, Robin, Alison, Jill = 5 A lovely day, our last trip of the season. A stop at Sunset Point cabin. Joined by Lynn's cousins.
8th Trip - 8.29.17 Spring Lake in Dassel Laurel, Patti, Kathy G, Margi, Lynn, Jill = 6 Lovely reflections on the glassy lake. Visit to Dassel Hist. Ctr after lunch at the Sunrise Diner.
7th Trip - 8.22.17 Mississippi River, Clearwater to Snuffy's Laurel, Patti, Kathy G, Margi, Lynn, Barb, Jill = 7 97th recorded trip since 2004. High water, strong wind behind us, an overall glorious day.
6th Trip - 8.15.17 Sugar Lake Laurel, Kathy G, Margi, Barb, Jill = 5 Interesting to see the new houses at the old Warner's Resort location.
5th Trip - 8.8.17 Pleasant Lake Kathy G, Margi, Barb, Jill - 4 An easy trip with no kayaks to transport.
4th Trip - 8.1.17 Long Lake Laurel, Patti, Kathy G, Margi, Kathy W, Barb, Julie, Jill = 8 Two more connected small lakes, Long & Crooked. Lunch at Nelsons.
3rd Trip - 7.11.17 Moose Lk Laurel, Kathy G, Margi, Kathy W, Char, Robbie, Jill = 7 Our smallest lake so far. Lunch at Mom's in South Haven.
2nd Trip - 6.27.17 Big Lake Laurel, Kathy G, Margi, Patti, Barb I, Delores, Jill = 7 The fly-in by Nick Gruys was fun. Lunch at Russell's on the Lake.
1st Trip - 6.20.17 Clearwater R.: Caroline-channel-Augusta Laurel, Barb I, Kathy G, Margi, Delores, Jill = 6 A lovely day. Shocking to see the old Bay Club space. AIS chat with DNR at the landing.





4th Trip - 8.30.16 Miss. R., Clearwater to Snuffy's Laurel, Patti, Lynn, Jill = 4 Water was high, so fast, and it was a lovely day.
3rd Trip - 8.2.16 Lake Sylvia Laurel, Rose Mary, Barb, Lynn, Margi, Jill = 6 A circle around the East Lake with a stop at Sunset Point.
2nd Trip - 7.26.16 Howard Lake Laurel, Patti, Delores, Margi, Barb, Jill = 6 Starting at the public access, ending at L. & P's friend Ruth's place for lunch; a mishap on their dock.
1st Trip - 6.14.16 Clearwater R.: Caroline-channel-Augusta Laurel, Weston, Kathy W, Char, Patti, Delores, Margi, Jill = 8 A cloudy day with wind against us and one inexplicable capsize, but a fine start to 2016





8th Trip - 9.1.15 Pleasant Lake Margi & Jill = 2 A pleasant end to the season
7th Trip - 8.11.15 Miss. R., Otsego to Miss. W. Pk Laurel, Kathy G, Katie G, Margi, Barb, Delores, Jill = 7 Stopped to rest and collected golf balls.
6th Trip - 8.4.15 Miss. R, Montisippi Pk to Otsego Laurel, Delores, Patti, Kati V, Kathy G, Margi, Barb, Jill = 8 Long trip, interesting exit, steep hill to shore.
5th Trip - 7.28.15 Clearwater Lk, hwy 55 to FH Mill Laurel, Patti, Kathy G, Margi, Barb, Jill = 6 Interesting entry, a steep hill to the water; lunch at the Mill.
4th Trip - 7.21-15 Buffalo Lake Laurel, Patti, Kathy, Margi, Jill = 6 A stop at Sturges Park to play the musical instruments, then lunch at Mill Creek
3rd Trip - 7.28.15 Black Hole access in Cl. L., Otter Lk, up Three-mile Creek Laurel, Margi, Delores, Jill = 4 Laurel climbed out of the kayak to get the boats over a log in the creek.
2nd Trip - 6.16.15 Clearwater R, Grass Lk to CR-40 Laural, Patti, Delores, Lou, Roshelle, Jill = 6 Water over the dam was abt an 8" drop, the lowest we could remember.
1st Trip - 6.9.15 Clearwater R.: Caroline-channel-Augusta Laurel, Patti, Delores, Margi, Barb I, Jill = 6 A great start to the season.





9th Trip - 9-9-14 Sugar Lake Laurel, Kathy G, Kate (KG's daughter), Jill = 4 Started from Kathy's house, lunch there afterwards.
8th Trip - 8-26-14 Miss. River, Clearwater to Snuffy's Laurel, Kathy G, Margi, Delores, Jill = 5 Absolutely gorgeous weather. High water, so almost nothing to watch for to avoid. Gentle breeze from behind us, ideal.
7th Trip - 8-19-14 Pleasant Lake Margi, Jill = 2 Just two of us, a bit windy, but a fine trip.
6th Trip - 8-12-14 Cedar Lake Laurel, Delores, Diane B, Jill = 4 From the public landing, a loop around about 2/3 of the lake.
5th Trip - 7-8-14 Limestone Lake Laurel, Rose Mary, Char, Diane B, Robbie, Jill = 6 A very windy day so less than an hour on the lake. Lunch at Up the Creek.
4th Trip - 6-24-14 Lake Sylvia Laurel, Rose Mary, Diana H, Diane B, Char, Kathy G, Margie, Jill = 8 Starting at Rose Mary's, treats at Diana's
3rd Trip - 6-17-14 Pleasant Lake Laurel, Char, Diana H, Diane B, Margi, Kathy G, Jill =7 Calm day, surface like glass to start, then just a breeze at the end.
2nd Trip - 6-10-14 Clearwater Lake from Black Pool access Laurel, Kathy W, Diane B, Diana H, Jill =5 Into Otter Lk, up 3-Mile Creek for 10 minutes until hit trees across creek blocking passage
1st Trip - 6-3-14 Lk Caroline in FH thru channel to Lk Augusta and Clearwater Lk Laurel, Patti, Diana H, Jill = 4 Favorite route, tons of wildlife: deer, otter, beaver, eagle, thrashing carp, and more





1st Trip - 7-11-13 Clearwater Lk, from cabin Kathy G, Margi, Delores, Sharon P, Diane B, Robbie, Jill =7 An evening trip. We got disoriented on the way back but saw a gorgeous sunset.





9th Trip - 8-21-12 Lk Caroline in FH thru channel to Lk Augusta and Clearwater Lk Laurel, Patti, Char, Diane B, Margi, Marylou, Elizabeth, Jan, Jill, Arline, and Jennie P on her SUP = 11 Water very low, we had to get out and pull boats several times in the channel. Eleven along, perhaps a record. Fun to have the SUP. An evening trip, dinner at Waterfront.
8th Trip - 7-31-12 Sugar Lake Kathy G, Katie, Diane B, Jill = 4 Put in at Annie D's rental cabin, Kathy & Katie joined us from their house just down the shore.
7th Trip - 7-16-12 Grass Lake Laurel, Jill, Delores, Margi and Kathy G = 5 Putting in at Delores' on Clearwater, then under the bridge to Grass Lake, down several of the channels. Lunch at Nelson Bros.
6th Trip - 7-9-12 Lake Betsy Laurel, Jill, Robbie, Char, Diane B, Margi, Kathy G, and Patti = 8 Access was slightly up river, so we paddled down to get into the tiny lake. We then went a bit downriver to see what we could see.
5th Trip - 6-26-12 Lake Francis Laurel, Jill, Delores, Patti, Char, Diana H, Diane B, and Margi = 8 Tricky to find the access, but then a nice trip on a lovely day. Lunch at LaLa's in South Haven.
4th Trip - 6-21-12 Pleasant Lake Jill, Diana, Margi and Kathy G. = 4 So easy to just walk out and go, no transporting boats. We wash off boats these days; curlyleaf tagalong this trip
3rd Trip - 6-12-12 Lk Pulaski Laurel, Jill, Margi, Diana, & Kathy G = 5 Departed from Margi's friends' place, the Melgards. We saw a tiki pontoon and the pontoon with seniors from Osseo.
2nd Trip - 6-4-12 Lk Caroline in FH thru channel to Lk Augusta and Clearwater Lk Laurel, Jill, Diana, Margi, Chelsie & Heather = 6 Nice to have Laurel's daughter and niece with us.
1st Trip - 5-22-12 Black Hole in Clearwater Lake Laurel, Jill, Delores, Margi, Diana, Mary D. =6 Very windy, skipped Otter, went up and down the channel 2x





11h Trip – 9-12-11 Maple Lake Laurel, Jill, Delores, Margi = 4 Starting at Margi's uncle's on Big Maple, thru Middle Maple, ending at her brother'son Little Maple.
10h Trip – 9-7-11 Mississippi River in Mpls, thru the locks Laurel, Jill, Patti, Delores, Margi, Kathy G, Jan & Mary = 8 Renting boats for the first time, with two guides, another first.  Thru the locks twice, first up then down 50'. Gorgeous day.
9th Trip – 8-30-11 Mississippi River, Clearwater to Snuffy's in Becker Laurel, Jill, Char, Delores, Margi, Diana = 6 A cloudy drizzly day, and one boat got stuck on a rock. 
8th Trip – 8-28-11 Lk Caroline in FH thru channel to Lk Augusta and Clearwater Jill and Elizabeth = 2 A favorite route, this time ending just at sunset. The most amazing photos.
7th Trip – 8-23-11 Lk Sylvia, from Rose Mary's Laurel & neice Eleise, Jill, Char, Diana, Margi, & Delores = 7 Rose Mary as tour guide.  A lovely day, ending on her deck.
6th Trip – 8-21-11 Lk Caroline in FH thru channel to Lk Augusta and Clearwater Sara, Shannon, Joelle, Jeanette, Jill and Mary D = 6 Family trip, three sister boats. Joined in the channel by Dawn on her SUP Board.

5th Trip – 8-10-11

Clearwater River, Grass Lk to CR-40 Laurel, Jill, Patti, Margi, Delores, Jan M. = 6 One boat over -- again.   A tough stretch of water.

4th Trip – 7-27-11

Lake Augusta Laurel, Jill, Patti, Delores, Lynne A. = 5 Launched at Turtle Bay access, then up into the lake.  Many sad sights of destruction with the high water.

3rd Trip – 7-12-11

Clearwater Lake Laurel, Jill, Patti, Delores, Jan, Diana, Sharon, Kathy G, Robbie = 9 From Jill's cabin.  Visited St. Mark's Church afterwards, as Jan had the key.

2nd Trip – 7-6-11

Clearwater River, Fair Haven to Turtle Bay Laurel, Jill, Patti, Char, Margi, Delores, Diana, Robbie = 8 Higher and faster than ever before.  Gorgeous as always.

1st Trip –6-6-11

Clearwater Lake from Black Pool access Laurel, Jill, Patti, Elizabeth, Char, Rose Mary = 6 Thru Otter Lake, upstream 30  minutes into Three Mile Creek to the three culverts, then back down.





8th Trip – 8-31-10

Lake Sylvia East Lake

Laurel, Jill, Rose Mary, Barb O, Diana H

From Rose Mary’s, ending with lunch on her deck.

7th Trip – 8-24-10

Mississippi River, Clearwater to Montissippi Park in Monticello

Laurel, Jill, Char, Kathy W, Margi, Delores, Rudy H, and Kris A = 8

Clear Water Outfitters picked us up at the park and transported us back to Clearwater Landing.  3½ hrs incl 20 mn stop just before Snuffy’s

6th Trip – 8-17-10

Lk Sylvia, from Northridge, lunch at Ferrell’s cabin.

Laurel, Jill, Char, Rose Mary, Margi, Rudy H, Barb O = 7

Gorgeous day.  From the landing at Northridge, went tdown to Bull’s Island. Lunch and tour of Ferrell’s cabin, w/o Judy

5th Trip – 8-10-10

Lake Sylvia, Northridge to Jerry Johnson’s

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Kathy W., Kathy’s sister Betsy, Char, Kathy G, Margi, Rose Mary = 9

Only 20 mins on water, then thunder. On Jerry’s porch for an hour, then loaded boats from Jerry’s.

4th Trip – 8-3-10

Clearwater River

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Margi = 4

3 hours from Wiegand’s to CR-40. Windy and gorgeous; the time flew.

3rd Trip – 7-30-10

Bass Lake

Laurel, Jill, Elizabeth = 3

Toured home of Ruthie Seidenkranz, clarinet player in the Annandale Community Band

2nd Trip – 7-21-10

Clearwater River, Karen Olson’s thru Grass Lake to Wiegand’s

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Amy Miller = 4

40m mins. to Wiegand’s, then thru Wiegand Lk and further downriver, paddle back to Wiegand’s.  Kayaks loaded on Barb’s Kubota fell off.

1st Trip – 7-15-10

Clearwater Lake, from Bishop cabin

Laurel, Jill, Char, Kathy G, Robbie Newberg = 5

Hard paddle to Zeke and Joni Koehler’s. Tour their home and yard, then wind switched, so hard paddle back too.





9th Trip – 8-21-09

Mississippi River, Clearwater to Snuffy’s

Laurel, Jill, Jill’s sisters Jean & Mary, Jan M, Elizabeth = 6

2¼ hrs from Clearwater to picnic rest stop with open air potty; RK Bar “cake” there for Jean’s 60th birthday. < 3 hrs whole trip to Snuffy’s

8th Trip – 8-13-09

Limestone Lake

Jill, Margi, Kathy G, Delores R = 4

Lovely tour of Margi’s gardens

7th Trip - 8-4-09

Clearwater River, Sally’s to Bay Club

Laurel, Jill, Kathy G, Char, Margi, Sally = 6

River low, had to walk boats

6th Trip – 7-28-09

Lake Sylvia, from Rose Mary’s

Laurel, Jill, Char, Kathy W, Patti, Rose Mary, Joelle, Amy M = 8

Toured Schwebel’s house being remodeled

5th Trip – 7-23-09

Pleasant Lake

Laurel, Jill, Diane, Char =4

Gloria and two friends joined us from her house to Jill’s

4th Trip – 7-14-09

French Lake

Laurel, Jill, Kathy G, Margi = 4

Toured Clare’s Well

3rd Trip – 6-23-09

Clearwater Lake, east end

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Char, Margi, Lynn A, Jan M, Gloria = 8

Put in at Jim Shadduck’s cabin, lunch on Char’s deck

2nd  Trip – 6-17-09

Clearwatear River, Hwy 55 to FH Dam

Laurel, Jill, Elizabeth, Kathy G = 4

poison ivy at start, teens on the big swing at the dam. 1½ hrs

1st Trip – 6-2-09

Clearwater River, Black Hole

Laurel, Jill, Char, Jan = 4

Under bridge, lots of birds





10th Trip – 9-5-08

Clearwater Lake, from Kitty’s cabin

Laurel, Jill, Kathy G, Jan M

Stopped at Jan’s parents’ cabin

9th Trip – 8-19-08

Mississippi River, Clearwater to Snuffy’s

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Kathy G, Elizabeth, Shannon, Lynn A = 7

3 hours; snack break while drifting, all clumped together

8th Trip – 8-7-08

Sugar Lake from Kathy G’s

Laurel, Jill, Kathy, Char, Margi, Mitsy S., Kathy G = 7

No group photo. Drat.

7th Trip – 7-30-08

Pleasant Lake

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Lady Dog = 3 persons & one dog

Patti and Lady in the single. Lady was a great sailor; Patti had no problem hauling back in when she fell out.

6th Trip – 7-22-08

Sauk River, St. Joseph to Anton’s in Waite Park

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Rose Mary, Kathy W, Becky W = 6

Always good ending at a good restaurant

5th Trip – 7-15-08

Lake Calhoun

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Char = 4

Mpls lakes so dirty compared to our usual; bought lunch from Anna Roth at Lucia’s; toured Bob’s new home office

4th Trip – 7-8-08

Mississippi River, St. Cloud to Clearwater

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Kitty, Kitty’s daughter Katie = 5

Single kayak tied on to a double for some of the trip; 3 hrs 20 minutes

3rd Trip – 6-26-08

Lake Augusta, in and out at Bob’s Bay access on Clearwater

Laurel, Jill, Elizabeth = 3

Toured little cabin being remodeled, heard and saw springs running to lake from hillside

2nd Trip – 6-17-08

Clearwater River, from Lashinski’s

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Char, Rose Mary, Kathy W = 6

Women overboard; a diamond ring lost; a big adventure

1st Trip – 6-10-08

Clearwater River, from Grass Lake

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Elizabeth = 4

Stopped at Lashinski’s and used their outhouse; bow and arrow fisherman on the bridge; Kim Miller’s horses after.





6th Trip – 8-9-07

Clearwater Lake

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Rose Mary, Kathy G, Jan, Char, Diane = 8

Put in at the Black Hole access on Clearwater and went into Otter Lake

5th Trip -8-2-07

Mississippi River

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Rose Mary, Char, Kathy W, Jill’s HS friend Arline = 8

A terrific “impress the guest” trip

4th Trip – 7-26-07

Lake Sylvia

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Char, Diane, Gloria, Kathy W, Kathy G, Lisa Peery = 9

We started out with 8 of us, called Lisa from the boat, and she joined us.

3rd Trip - 7-18-07

Lake John

Jill, Patti, Elizabeth, Katie V. = 4

Gorgeous sunset, P & K jumping in and out of the kayak

2nd Trip – 6-1-07

Clearwater River

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Rose Mary, Marlene, Kathy W = 6

Low river, lots of walking

1st Trip – 6-8-07

Granite Lake

Jill, Kathy, Char, Jan, Elizabeth = 5

Found a loon nest in the reed island.





5th Trip – 9-13-06

Lake John

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Elizabeth = 4

Another evening trip, pre-sunset this time.

4th Trip – 9-7-06

Mississippi River, Traveler’s Country Club to Montisippi Park

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Elizabeth = 4

11 mile trip in low water, starting at TCC where L’s friend’s dad lives.  We had to walk a long way carrying the kayaks to get to the river. 3¾ hrs including the break.

3rd Trip – 7-21-06

Sugar Lake

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Kathy G = 4

Always best to be on a lake with a resident.  Kathy G live on Sugar Lake.

2nd Trip – 6-22-06

Lake Caroline to McBride’s, the trip in the Advocate

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Elizabeth, Rose Mary, Brenda = 6

Brenda from the Advocate came along to write a piece about us for the paper.  We made her not tell we put in on private property.

1st Trip – 6-14-06

Clearwater Lake & Laurel’s cabin

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Elizabeth = 4

Darling cabin, great murals by Jan Stuhr.





6th Trip - 9-9-05

Lake Sylvia, tour Rudolph cabin

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Rose Mary = 4

Jim & Muriel’s cabin is a flashback in time – classic.

5th Trip – 7-21-05

Pleasant Lake

Jill, Elizabeth, E’s stepdaughter Amanda, Patti, Shanna Dog = 4 persons

Interesting to include a dog.

4th Trip – 7-14-05

Mississippi River, Clearwater to Montisippi Pk

Laurel, Jill, Elizabeth, Kitty = 4

K earned the name “Kitty the Constant Kayaker” because E and J couldn’t keep up.

3rd Trip – 7-7-05

Lakes Caroline and Louisa

Laurel, Jill, Patti, Elizabeth, Kathy W, Rose Mary = 6

Put in the water on private property (with permission), ending at Fair Haven Mill

2nd Trip – 6-23-05

Clearwater River, Fair Haven Dam to McBride’s

Laurel, Jill, Elizabeth, Rose Mary, Kathy W, Shannon = 6

Starting just below the dam we encountered small leeches on low hanging branches plus obstructions putting several in the drink.  We’ve not been back to that route.

1st Trip – 6-16-05 Black Hole access up into OtterLk Laurel, Jill, Patti = 3  





Trip 9-30-04

Mississippi River

These four trips in 2004 were on the calendar, but few photos were taken.  The earliest interested kayakers included Laurel, Jill, Elizabeth, Patti, Rose Mary, Kathy W., so the trips were probably some combination of them.

Trip 9-20-04

Lake Sylvia, from Rose Mary’s

Trip 9-2-04

A river

Trip 8-27-04

Clearwater Lake access into Lake Augusta