Bishop Family
Sailing Trips


We have chartered with the Moorings  ( ) for all of our sailing trips and have been very well satisfied with them.  


Shannon, Sara, Jefferson, and John, pulling up the dinghy to go ashore.

Sometimes it storms at sea.

Bishops, Neills, Wenngatz's, and Henshaws in back of the the boat in Australia.

Sailing trips provide some scenery of matchless beauty.

Jefferson at the helm in the BVI in 1998.  Each of the kids were "Captain for a Day" on that trip.

The very first sailing trip in 1987 with the Neills.





Traveling Companions

1 July, 1987 British Virgin Islands
Mono 51
Our family's first sailing trip with the Neill family.  Our kids were 7, 11, and 12, and Josh was 13.
2 July, 1988 Grenadines
Mono 51
Family, to Bequia and back, again with Neills (including Rob); nine on the 50' boat.
3 July, 1990 Windwards, down to Granada
Mono 500
Third trip with the two families, Bishops and Neills. Josh brought his friend Scott.
4 February, 1992 British Virgin Islands
Mono 445
Couples only this time.  Bishops, Neills and Wenngatz's on a 45' boat.
5 March, 1994 British Virgin Islands Bishops, Neills and Wenngatz's
6 March, 1995 Tonga on "Sapphire Seas"
Mono 445
Bishops, Neills and Wenngatz's again, this time flying across the Pacific.
7 August, 1995 Captiva, FL Offshore Sailing School, the 5 Bishops, so that we could go sailing as a family.
8 August, 1996 British Virgin Islands First family trip, 5 Bishops
9 August, 1997 British Virgin Islands Second family trip, 5 Bishops
10 August, 1998 British Virgin Islands Third trip to the BVI, 5 Bishops
11 February, 1999 Whitsunday Islands in Australia
Mono 505
on "Champagne on Ice"
Bishops, Neills, Wenngatz's, and Henshaws; 8 adults on a 50' boat for 10 days.
12 August, 1999 Grenadines Fourth family trip, 5 Bishops
13 April, 2001 St. Maartin
on "Febus"
Neills and Bishops, just the 4 of us
14 April, 2002 Belize on "Panache IV"
Cat 4500
Neills, Henshaws, Wenngatz's, and Bishops.  The first catamaran trip.
15 March, 2003 Belize on "Panache IV"
Cat 4500
Neills, Henshaws, Wenngatz's, and Bishops.  
16 August, 2003 BVI on Ghost Rider Fifth family trip: John, Jill, Shannon, Jefferson, Joelle
17 April, 2006 Canouan on Keyif Neills, Wenngatz's and Bishops
18 April, 2007 Belize on Omaha Rainbow
Cat 4000
Neills, Wenngatz's and Bishops
19 May, 2008 Abacos (Bahamas) on Boss Lady
Cat 4300
Neills, Henshaws and Bishops
20 April, 2009 St. Martin on Peau de Chacal
Cat 4300
Neills, Wenngatz's and Bishops
21 April, 2010 BVI on John Mon's Legacy
Cat 4300
Neills, Wenngatz's and Bishops
22 April, 2014 BVI on Callaloo
Cat 3900
4 Neills + Jill
23 August, 2018 San Juan Islands on Kipper Kite,
42' monohull
4 Lengkeeks + Jill + Instructor Mike