There aren't too many exotic animals in the area of Senegal where Shannon lives, although sometimes monkeys or camels are seen by the road.  But there are plenty of animals around the compound, the same ones we find at home -- sheep, goats, chickens, cattle, and an occasional donkey.  In the photo below Shannon is peeking out of her hut, looking at a group of sheep.  (Okay -- maybe she's looking at the camera.)  The Senegalese sheep don't have a wooly coat, so they look a lot like goats.

The cattle standing in the compound by Shannon below are the typical Senegalese cattle, mostly white with long horns, including the females.  They are used somewhat for milk, although more powdered milk is consumed than fresh milk.  Not much red meat is eaten, and far more goat and sheep than beef.  Cattle are kept primarily for a show of wealth. 
     Shannon once had a frightening experience when one of the cattle pinned her against the outside wall of her hut, trapping her between his (her?) horns.  She screamed and pushed him away and didn't get hurt at all.  When I asked which one it was, she said that it isn't around anymore.  Good! 

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