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Here are some of the pieces I've created. When I give them away I like to have a record of what they looked like. Many are reproducible, tho not the pendants.

N38 - Salmon Prague Pendant

Salmon Prague Pendant

N49 - Flag II

Flag II

D1 - Daniel's Prague Pendant

Daniel's Prague Pendant

N42 - Gray Beads

Gray Beads

Betty's glasses cord

Betty's Glasses Braid

N41 - Black Hematite Beads

Black Hematite Beads

N36 - Turquoise Beads

Turquoise Beads

N28 - Dark Gray Donut

Dark Gray Donut N4 - Black Cluster Beads

Black Cluster Beads N47 - Cord for Jean's silver pendant

Cord for Jean's Silver Pendant 

N46 Jean's Silver Bracelet

Jean's Silver Bracelet

N25 Autumn Ribbon with Beads

Autumn Ribbon With Beads

N22 Speckled Oat Beads

Speckled Oat Beads

N40 Black Laramie

Black Laramie

Black Earrings